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        Lianyungang port was built in 1933 and now it is the new eastern bridgehead of the New Asian-European Continental Bridge, the most expedite seaport of Midwest provinces, the largest port of Jiangsu Province, and one of the twenty coastal & central seaports. Thevicissitudinous manage system of Lianyungang port was carried out the manage system by Ministry of Communications and Lianyungang government administrator from 1987, and built state Lianyungang Port Group Co. Ltd. by industrial function of quondam Lianyungang Harbor Bureau’s from September of 2003 when China government affair disjoined with enterprises.
        Notable Region Advantage Lianyungang is located in the west seashore of Pacific Ocean where is the place of China Yellow Sea. It is only 500 sea miles away from the main ports in the fan-shaped oceanof Korea and Japan. It has inaugurated more than 10 international sea routes include 3 lines of western America, Mediterranean sea(Europe) and southeast Asia also there are more than 120 scheduled navigate every month and arrive most countries & areas directly or through transfer shipping. Lianyungang is also the land traffic center of Lianhuo & Tongsan freeways which cross east and west, south and north of China and the coastal railway which is from north to south will be completed very soon. And the Longhai-Lanxin railways with those highways are urging Lianyungang to be the basilic traffic status. Lianyungang has been the most promptly & economical import and export port for Midwest of China and mid-Asia countries. In the background of China joined WTO & China west being developed, Midwest & foreign trade cargoes reach 60 percent of port throughputs and it make Lianyungang to be the optimal seaport of developing opportunity.
        Perfect Service EstablishmentIn the end of 2004 Lianyungang had 31 berths of which 26 are ten thousand metric tons class and the heaviest class is hundred thousand metric tons. There are special docks of coal, container, lignum, food supplies, danger, etc., and yearly designed thruput is 29.65 million tons .In addition, 2 of the fifth dynasty container berthes which are the largest ones in Jiangsu province will be finished and put into production. The depth of main sea-route is 11.5 meters and width 230 meters. The vessel class of 70-100 thousand metric tons can pass in and out by tidewater. The stock capacity can reach 3 million metric tons and there are bonded warehouse of 100 thousand square meters and transport warehouse of 450 thousand square meters. It has organizing railway station of self support and yearly capacity is 30 million tons, has various waterborne pullings & machinery equipments for loading and discharging. It can meet requirement of kinds of special things and extra large things. It deals in cargoes of more than 30 sorts and more than 150 variety include coal, lignum, steel products, food supplies, ore, containers and chemical dangers, etc. It is the largest port in importing alumina, exporting wheat and veneer, the second large port in exporting coke, and unique nonclaim port in exporting coal.